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Enjoy the best things about golf

There are many great reasons for choosing Fairway when you want to play indoor golf in Northwest Indiana. We first opened our Northwest Indiana golf course in 2023 to provide a golfing experience with a difference. As our facilities are indoors, you get the chance to enjoy an immersive and realistic golf experience whilst sampling fantastic cuisine and mouth-watering drinks when you choose Fairway. Our indoor golf facilities have become extremely popular with families, friends and businesspeople in the local area. To find out more about the benefits of playing golf indoors with Fairway, read on.

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Why play golf

Playing golf indoors allows you to avoid many of the negative aspects of outdoor play. When you choose Fairway, you can enjoy a richly immersive golfing experience whatever the weather and enjoy a much greater standard of comfort. You’ll be just steps away from our bar and will get the chance to soak up an electric welcoming atmosphere. It’s clear to see why indoor golf facilities have become incredibly popular over recent years. Not only have they become more realistic, but they can help you avoid rain delays and even give you the chance to play after dark.

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Enhance your golfing technique

Playing indoors can help you boost your skills for the next time you visit an outdoor golf course, so why not visit Fairway as soon as possible so you can level up and improve your golfing technique? Another great reason for using our indoor golf facilities is that they can save you a great deal of money. Outdoor golf courses can be very expensive to visit, as can the equipment you need to play golf outside. Our facilities offer an inexpensive, comfortable, and convenient solution for improving your golf skills whilst enabling you to catch up with friends, family and business associates whilst enjoying delicious food and drink.